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  • Aldy, J; Pizer, W; Tavoni, M; Reis, LA; Akimoto, K; Blanford, G; Carraro, C; Clarke, LE; Edmonds, J; Iyer, GC; McJeon, HC; Richels, R; Rose, S; Sano, F (2016-11-01)
    © 2016 Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature.The Paris Agreement culminates a six-year transition towards an international climate policy architecture based on parties submitting national pledges every five ...
  • Bryant, R; Xu, F (2016-12-03)
    We prove short time existence and uniqueness of solutions to the Laplacian flow for closed $G_2$ structures on a compact manifold $M^7$. The result was claimed in \cite{BryantG2}, but its proof has never appeared.
  • Bryant, RL (2016-12-03)
    These are notes for a very rapid introduction to the basics of exterior differential systems and their connection with what is now known as Lie theory, together with some typical and not-so-typical applications to illustrate ...
  • Bryant, RL (2016-12-03)
    This note provides a proof of a 1985 conjecture of Montiel and Ros about the conformal volume of tori. (This material is not really new; I'm making it available now because of requests related to recent interest in the ...
  • Bryant, RL (2016-12-03)
    The classical Pfaff-Darboux Theorem, which provides local `normal forms' for 1-forms on manifolds, has applications in the theory of certain economic models. However, the normal forms needed in these models come with an ...