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  • Belanger, Yvonne (2009-09)
    The Duke Digital Initiative (DDI) is a multi‐year program of experimentation, development and implementation with new and emerging technologies in support of the university's mission.
  • Belanger, Yvonne (2009-03)
    In 2008-2009, DDI programs are focused on effective uses of digital video and collaboration technologies. These programs offered access to variety of hardware, software and web-based tools targeted at three main themes: ...
  • Belanger, Yvonne (2010-03)
    This report provides a snapshot of the program’s activities and impact in Fall 2009 in order to facilitate planning for the 2010-2011 academic year.
  • Belanger, Yvonne (2011-02)
    In Fall 2010, DDI sponsored programs in four main areas: iPads, Poll Everywhere, 3-D Exploration, Waterproof HD Video Camera.
  • Belanger, Yvonne; Anderson, Seth; Novicki, Andrea (2012-10-22)
    Since 2005, the Duke Digital Initiative (DDI) has sponsored experimentation, development and implementation of new and emerging technologies to explore their effective use in support of the university's mission. The goals ...
  • Belanger, Yvonne (2010-07)
    Over the last four years, digital video has spread to a broad number of disciplines and academic use cases. In 2009-2010, DDI provided the resources for further innovation with video with an emphasis on creation and ...
  • Belanger, Yvonne (2011-07)
    The Duke Digital Initiative (DDI) is a multi-year program of experimentation, development and implementation of new and emerging technologies to explore their effective use in support of the university's mission. This ...
  • Choi, Kathy (2009-04-27)
    The summer of 2008 signaled the inauguration of DukeEngage, the highly anticipated civic engagement program for undergraduates at Duke University. DukeEngage provides funding for undergraduates who wish to pursue an intensive ...
  • Downing, Eric; Fulton, Erin; Strauss, Joshua (2011-12-09)
    Duke University is dedicated to achieving climate neutrality by 2024. With over 7000 acres of sustainably managed forest land, the Duke Forest has great potential for generating “in house” carbon offsets to help reach ...
  • Duke University. Office of Student Affairs (2006-11-03)
    The inaugural edition of the dukeParents newsletter was published in the spring of 2003 as a means for communicating with the parents and families of Duke students. The newsletter is published twice a year - once in the ...
  • Boyd, Virginia (Duke Dialogue, 1994-05)
    Series of four articles published in Duke University's faculty-staff weekly newspaper, Dialogue, examining key aspects of university life under study at Duke.
  • Greene, Chaquetta (2013-04-23)
    Environmental education programs and curriculum have been a crucial part of earth and science education since the mid-1970s. With the increasing scope of environmental issues in the US and worldwide, it is important to ...
  • Strohbehn, John (Duke University. Office of the Provost., 1999)
  • Keohane, Nannerl (2000-05-12)
  • Duke University. Office of the Provost (2006-10-27)
    Includes the mission and bylaws of the University, information on appointment, promotion, and tenure, as well as information on faculty responsibilities. The policies and procedures are updated as needed by the Office of Provost.
  • Ithaka S+R (2016-02-21)
    The Duke University implementation of the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey was launched on September 9, 2015, and was closed to new responses on October 13, 2015, with a total of 260 complete responses. The questionnaire covers ...
  • Ong, Justin; Yuan, Michelle (2014-04-25)
    The Duke University Health System Demand Response Prospectus is a client-based Masters Project that explores the profitability and environmental impacts of enrolling Duke University Health System and Duke University into ...
  • Daniel, Linda; Herndon, Joel; Miller, Shawn (Duke University Libraries, 2011-11)
    The Duke University Libraries’ strategic plan, “Sharpening our Vision, 2010-2011,” places an emphasis on our ability to interact with faculty, staff and students at multiple points in their research, teaching, learning, ...
  • Guevarra, Candice (2015-11-03)
    The Lilly Library houses collections in art, current literature, film, dance, images, and philosophy. It also contains a variety of film and video materials. The Library is located on East Campus and surrounded by dormitories ...
  • Duke University Medical Center (2010-11-05)
    Dedication ceremony for the sculpture honoring the 65th General Hospital reserve unit; held October 26, 2002