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  • Janbon, G; Ormerod, KL; Paulet, D; III, BEJ; Yadav, V; Chatterjee, G; Mullapudi, N; Hon, C-C; Billmyre, RB; Brunel, F; Bahn, Y-S; Chen, W; Chen, Y; Chow, EWL; Coppee, J-Y; Floyd-Averette, A; Gaillardin, C; Gerik, KJ; Goldberg, J; Gonzalez-Hilarion, S; Gujja, S; Hamlin, JL; Hsueh, Y-P; Ianiri, G; Jones, S; Kodira, CD; Kozubowski, L; Lam, W; Marra, M; Mesner, LD; Mieczkowski, PA; Moyrand, F; Nielsen, K; Proux, C; Rossignol, T; Schein, JE; Sun, S; Wollschlaeger, C; Wood, IA; Zeng, Q; Neuveglise, C; Newlon, CS; Perfect, JR; Lodge, JK; Idnurm, A; Stajich, JE; Kronstad, JW; Sanyal, K; Heitman, J; Fraser, JA; Cuomo, CA; Dietrich, FS (2014-04)
  • Li, H; Bar, KJ; Wang, S; Decker, JM; Chen, Y; Sun, C; Salazar-Gonzalez, JF; Salazar, MG; Learn, GH; Morgan, CJ; al, E (2010)
    Elucidating virus-host interactions responsible for HIV-1 transmission is important for advancing HIV-1 prevention strategies. To this end, single genome amplification (SGA) and sequencing of HIV-1 within the context of a ...
  • Doyle, MW; Patterson, LA; Chen, Y; Schnier, KE; Yates, AJ (AGU Publications, 2014)
    Applying market approaches to environmental regulations requires establishing a spatial scale for trading. Spatially large markets usually increase opportunities for abatement cost savings but increase the potential for ...