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  • Li, C; Zhang, Y; Li, J; Kong, L; Hu, H; Pan, H; Xu, L; Deng, Y; Li, Q; Jin, L; Yu, H; Chen, Y; Liu, B; Yang, L; Liu, S; Zhang, Y; Lang, Y; Xia, J; He, W; Shi, Q; Subramanian, S; Millar, CD; Meader, S; Rands, CM; Fujita, MK; Greenwold, MJ; Castoe, TA; Pollock, DD; Gu, W; Nam, K; Ellegren, H; Ho, SY; Burt, DW; Ponting, CP; Jarvis, ED; Gilbert, MT; Yang, H; Wang, J; Lambert, DM; Wang, J; Zhang, G (2014)
    BACKGROUND: Penguins are flightless aquatic birds widely distributed in the Southern Hemisphere. The distinctive morphological and physiological features of penguins allow them to live an aquatic life, and some of them ...