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  • Vernon, J.M.; Graham, Daniel (American Economic Review, 1975)
    The purpose of this note is to correct serveral erros in the ingenius graphical analysis of the economics of network-affiliate relationship in the television broadcasting industry.
  • Vernon, J.M.; Grabowski, Henry (American Economic Review, 1986)
    In this paper we analyze its likely impacts on competition in the pharmaceutical industry, the incentives for innovation, and general consumer welfare.
  • Vernon, J.M.; Grabowski, Henry (Government and Technical Change: A Cross Industry Analysis, 1982)
    FISHER and TEMIN (1973) have argued recently that many empirical studies1 relating to the Schumpeterian hypothesis are inappropriate for testing that hypothesis. They observe that Schumpeter can be interpreted ...
  • Vernon, J.M.; Gusen, P. (Review of Economics and Statistics, 1974)
    The plan of this paper is as follows: First, we summarize and point out several problems we found with Comanor's study. Section III presents the results from a two-equation model that decomposes the technical change ...