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  • Mestyan, A (Mada Misr, 2016)
    The term “digital imperialism” has been commonly used to describe cases where digital products transform social customs, but I use the term “digital source imperialism” here to refer to those who seek to control or monopolize ...
  • Mestyan, A (Global Urban History, 2017)
    What does the Ottoman framework mean for urban historians of the Arab world and in particular of Egypt?
  • Sisignano, M; Angioni, C; Park, C-K; Meyer Dos Santos, S; Jordan, H; Kuzikov, M; Liu, D; Zinn, S; Hohman, SW; Schreiber, Y; Zimmer, B; Schmidt, M; Lu, R; Suo, J; Zhang, D-D; Schäfer, SMG; Hofmann, M; Yekkirala, AS; de Bruin, N; Parnham, MJ; Woolf, CJ; Ji, R-R; Scholich, K; Geisslinger, G (2016-11-01)
    Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathic pain (CIPNP) is a severe dose- and therapy-limiting side effect of widely used cytostatics that is particularly difficult to treat. Here, we report increased expression of the ...
  • Liu, C-C; Gao, Y-J; Luo, H; Berta, T; Xu, Z-Z; Ji, R-R; Tan, P-H (2016-09-27)
    It is well known that interferons (IFNs), such as type-I IFN (IFN-α) and type-II IFN (IFN-γ) are produced by immune cells to elicit antiviral effects. IFNs are also produced by glial cells in the CNS to regulate brain ...
  • Chen, G; Xie, R-G; Gao, Y-J; Xu, Z-Z; Zhao, L-X; Bang, S; Berta, T; Park, C-K; Lay, M; Chen, W; Ji, R-R (2016-08-19)
    Mechanisms of acute pain transition to chronic pain are not fully understood. Here we demonstrate an active role of β-arrestin 2 (Arrb2) in regulating spinal cord NMDA receptor (NMDAR) function and the duration of pain. ...