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  • Miller, Shawn (2014-07-24)
    Duke Center for Instructional Technology's Strategic Plan for 2014-2016
  • Miller, Shawn; Kenyon, Amy; Manturuk, Kimberly Rebecca (2014-07-24)
    The Duke Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) contributes to Duke's academic excellence by helping faculty explore and evaluate innovative ways to use technology and pedagogy to meet their teaching goals.
  • Yvonne Belanger (Duke Center for Instructional Technology, 2009)
    The Center for Instructional Technology supports academic excellence at Duke University by promoting innovation in teaching and learning. During the 2008 09 academic year, the CIT helped over 900 instructors experiment ...
  • Yvonne Belanger (Duke Center for Instructional Technology, 2008)
    In 2007-08, the Center for Instructional Technology expanded its outreach to faculty and departments, supported faculty innovation with mobile and web-based instructional technologies, enhanced the capabilities of Blackboard, ...