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  • Sittler, Joesph (1955-02-13)
    Sermon delivered in Duke Chapel
  • Price, Irene (2008-12-16)
    Still life of flowers
  • Latta, Mary Elizabeth (2008-12-16)
    Still life of flowers
  • Keohane, Nannerl (2003-10-02)
  • Price, Irene (2009-09-22)
    Portrait of Furnifold McLendon Simmons
  • Medina, Enrique (2008-12-16)
    Portrait of George G. Allen, Trustee, The Duke Endowment and Duke University
  • Medina, Enrique (2008-12-16)
    Portrait of George G. Allen, Trustee, The Duke Endowment and Duke University
  • Gray, Sam (2009-09-22)
    Portrait of George Wilbur Pearsall
  • Hardin, Grady H. (1987-03-08)
    Sermon delivered in Duke Chapel
  • Tucker, Chales Clement (2009-05-01)
    Portait of Harry Lee Dalton
  • Unknown author (2008-12-16)
    Bust of Henry Bellamann, whose Dante collection was donated to the Library
  • Egeli, Cedric D. (2009-09-17)
    Signed Portrait of President H. Keith H. Brodie
  • Chandor, Douglas (2009-09-22)
    Portrait of Horace Trumbauer of the Duke Endowment
  • Unknown author (2009-09-22)
    Portrait of I. L. Wright
  • Keohane, Nannerl (1993-10-23)
  • Duke University. Office of the Provost (2007-09-13)
    <p>Beginning in March 2007, the Provost’s office met with students, faculty, staff, and alumni to discuss the findings and recommendations of the Campus Culture Initiative Task Force Report. These meetings informed the ...
  • Endy, Drew (2007)
    Drew Endy is a professor at Stanford University, where he studies synthetic biology. In this interview, he discusses the development of synthetic biology and an open source development model.
  • James, Wyngaarden (2006-12-08)
    Dr. James Wyngaarden served as director of the National Institutes of Health from 1982 until 1991. During his tenure, the NIH began its involvement in the Human Genome Project. He worked with Dr. James Watson to secure ...
  • Sulston, John (2007-11-16)
    John Sulston was one of the winners of the Nobel Prize in 2002 for Physiology or Medicine. He was involved in pioneering research on the nematode worm and the British component of the Human Genome Project, in both its ...
  • Mullis, Kary (Center for Public Genomics, 2009-09)
    Kary Mullis was one of two winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993. He received the award for his contributions to the development of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the subject of this interview.