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  • Richter, Daniel D.; Bacon, AR; Megan, LM; Richardson, Curtis J.; Andrews, SS; West, L; Wills, S; Billings, S; Cambardella, CA; Cavallaro, N; DeMeester, JE; Franzluebbers, AJ; Grandy, AS; Grunwald, S; Gruver, J; Hartshorn, AS; Janzen, H; Kramer, MG; Ladha, JK; Lajtha, K; Liles, GC; Markewitz, D; Megonigal, PJ; Mermut, AR; Rasmussen, C; Robinson, DA; Smith, P; Stiles, CA; Tate, RL; Thompson, A; Tugel, AJ; Es, HV; Yaalon, D; Zobeck, TM (2011-11-01)
    A number of scientists have named our age the Anthropocene because humanity is globally affecting Earth systems, including the soil. Global soil change raises important questions about the future of soil, the environment, ...
  • Richter, Daniel D.; Billings, SA (2008)