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  • Wray, Gregory Allan; Hoekstra, HE; Futuyma, DJ; Lenski, RE; Mackay, TFC; Schluter, D; Strassmann, JE (2014-10-09)
  • Janies, DA; Witter, Z; Linchangco, GV; Foltz, DW; Miller, AK; Kerr, AM; Jay, J; Reid, RW; Wray, Gregory Allan (2016-01-22)
    BACKGROUND: One of our goals for the echinoderm tree of life project ( is to identify orthologs suitable for phylogenetic analysis from next-generation transcriptome data. The current dataset is the ...
  • Bauernfeind, AL; Soderblom, EJ; Turner, ME; Moseley, MA; Ely, JJ; Hof, PR; Sherwood, CC; Wray, Gregory Allan; Babbitt, CC (2015-07-10)
    Although transcriptomic profiling has become the standard approach for exploring molecular differences in the primate brain, very little is known about how the expression levels of gene transcripts relate to downstream ...
  • Runcie, DE; Dorey, N; Garfield, DA; Stumpp, M; Dupont, S; Wray, Gregory Allan (2017-01-12)
    Ocean acidification (OA) is increasing due to anthropogenic CO2 emissions, and poses a threat to marine species and communities worldwide. To better project the effects of acidification on organisms' health and persistence ...
  • PsychENCODE Consortium; Akbarian, S; Liu, C; Knowles, JA; Vaccarino, FM; Farnham, PJ; Crawford, GE; Jaffe, AE; Pinto, D; Dracheva, S; Geschwind, DH; Mill, J; Nairn, AC; Abyzov, A; Pochareddy, S; Prabhakar, S; Weissman, S; Sullivan, PF; State, MW; Weng, Z; Peters, MA; White, KP; Gerstein, MB; Amiri, A; Armoskus, C; Ashley-Koch, AE; Bae, T; Beckel-Mitchener, A; Berman, BP; Coetzee, GA; Coppola, G; Francoeur, N; Fromer, M; Gao, R; Grennan, K; Herstein, J; Kavanagh, DH; Ivanov, NA; Jiang, Y; Kitchen, RR; Kozlenkov, A; Kundakovic, M; Li, M; Li, Z; Liu, S; Mangravite, LM; Mattei, E; Markenscoff-Papadimitriou, E; Navarro, FCP; North, N; Omberg, L; Panchision, D; Parikshak, N; Poschmann, J; Price, AJ; Purcaro, M; Reddy, TE; Roussos, P; Schreiner, S; Scuderi, S; Sebra, R; Shibata, M; Shieh, AW; Skarica, M; Sun, W; Swarup, V; Thomas, A; Tsuji, J; van Bakel, H; Wang, D; Wang, Y; Wang, K; Werling, DM; Willsey, AJ; Witt, H; Won, H; Wong, CCY; Wray, Gregory Allan; Wu, EY; Xu, X; Yao, L; Senthil, G; Lehner, T; Sklar, P; Sestan, N (2015-12)