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    • Green Building at Duke University: Potential Energy Savings and GHG Benefits Achieved by Renovating Existing Residence Halls 

      Franken, Jason (2008-04-24)
      In the U.S., buildings currently account for 65% of total electricity consumption, 36% of total primary energy use, 12% of potable water consumption and 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. The growing field of green ...
    • History of Duke University’s Housing Policies as Seen Through Town and Gown Relations 

      Uzoka, Udoka (2007-05-04)
      Town-gown relations define political and social taglines in today’s communities. The multifaceted dynamics of such a relationship involving two entities with (oftentimes) differing priorities and loyalties cannot be understood ...
    • How Attitudes and Perceptions Can Influence Policy Changes 

      Lamberth, Olivia (2007-05-04)
      Town-gown relations have a very large impact on the student experience at Duke University. The overall college experience is not based solely on academics, but also on the social and cultural outlets that a university can ...
    • K-Ville: A World of Its Own 

      Hanna, Andrew Leon (2014-09-26)
      "K-Ville: A World of Its Own" is an ethnography of one of the most storied and well-known Duke University traditions: the weeks-long campout on the grounds near Cameron Indoor Stadium before the Duke-UNC home basketball ...
    • Knowledge in the Service of Whose Society? The Ethics and Social Responsibility of Higher Education Institutions within the Realms of Civic Engagement and Labor Policies 

      Marshall, Shadee' (2010-05-07)
      In this thesis I explore the ways in which social responsibility and ethics are defined within institutions of higher education. I question whether the ethics that universities portray through their civic engagement endeavors ...
    • Outrageous Ambitions 

      Sanford, Terry (1984-10-25)
    • Parents' and Family Weekend 

      Duke University. Office of Student Affairs (2006-11-03)
      Parents and Family Weekend provides an opportunity for students' families to visit them and to share in his or her Duke experience. This weekend is a special time for parents, siblings, and students. Families discover what ...
    • Peter H. Klopfer interview 

      Duke University. University Archives; Samouelian, Mary (2008-12-17)
      Peter H. Klopfer was born August 9, 1930 in Berlin, Germany. He earned his B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1952 and his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1957. In 1958, Professor Klopfer came to Duke ...
    • Planning for the Eighties 

      Pye, A. Kenneth (1978-12-08)
    • Recommendations on Campus Sustainability Development at Duke Kunshan University 

      Rhim, Helena; Ma, Handi (2017-04-28)
      As the Sustainable Duke Office at Duke University determines the next steps on how best to integrate a satellite campus such as Duke Kunshan University (DKU) into its Climate Action Plan, it is important for both DKU and ...
    • Sidney D. Markman interview 

      Duke University. University Archives; Samouelian, Mary (2008-12-17)
      Sidney David Markman was born October 10, 1911 in New York. He earned his A.B. in 1934 from Union College in New York and his M. A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1936 and 1941 respectively. From 1941-1945, he worked ...
    • Student Knowledge and Understanding of Sexual Violence: A Case Study at Duke University 

      Becker, Erica (2016-01-07)
      An estimated 20-25% of women experience sexual assault while at college. In response, institutions of higher education are improving their policies and working to educate students on the issue. The purpose of this study ...
    • The Changing Face of Women’s Sports at Duke: From Throwing Like a Girl to Competing with the Men 

      Rowbury, Shannon (2006-12)
      This paper sets out to examine what sports looked like for Duke women at different stages in the University’s history: How have administrative attitudes evolved, and what has been the ensuing effect on student involvement? ...
    • The East Asian Collection at Duke University: Dynamics of Change. 

      Troost, KK (Collecting Asia: East Asian Libraries in North America, 1868-2008Asia Past and Present, 2010)
      Traces the history of Duke's East Asian Studies program and associated library collections from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. Describes the strengths of the Japanese, Chinese and Korean collections, ...
    • The Perception and Depiction of Females: Sarcasm Replacing Humor from 1960-1975 

      Saxena, Sweta (2007-05-04)
      As female activism demanded equality in the social, economic and political contexts in the twentieth century in America, their effects could be seen in higher education at Duke University in the 1960’s with the ending of ...
    • The Social Emphasis 

      Mistretta, Alexandra (2007-05-04)
      Rules and regulations have always been two things that have changed over a period of time based on what was occurring in society and its surroundings. New regulations were created as a result of new technology and the addition ...
    • West Campus, Duke University 

      Hawley, Hughson (2008-12-15)
      Rendering of Duke University's West Campus looking towards the Chapel
    • "Why Did I Get In?" 

      Walters, Margaret (2007-05-04)
      Admissions policies have adapted a fluid construct, allowing for changes that suit the upcoming academic year. This paper will describe the changing admissions policies that characterized the 1930s and the 1970s, looking ...
    • Women In Engineering at Duke University 

      Richards, Lisa (2006-12-12)
      In order to examine the disparity between the number of women in engineering at Duke in comparison to the long-term presence and dominance of men, I will examine three separate time periods and show the change that occurs ...