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    • Preoperative optimization for patients undergoing elective spine surgery. 

      Wang, Timothy Y; Price, Meghan; Mehta, Vikram A; Bergin, Stephen M; Sankey, Eric W; Foster, Norah; Erickson, Melissa; ... (14 authors) (Clinical neurology and neurosurgery, 2021-01-14)
    • Radiation Dose Estimation for Pediatric Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization 

      Wang, Chu (2015)
      Patients undergoing cardiac catheterization are potentially at risk of radiation-induced health effects from the interventional fluoroscopic X-ray imaging used throughout the clinical procedure. The amount of radiation exposure ...
    • Restructuring Wireless Systems using PHY Layer Information 

      Sen, Souvik (2012)
      Wireless and mobile systems play an increasingly important role in our lives. Fueled by an array of innovative services and applications, mobile data traffic is surging rapidly. Traditionally, wireless traffic growth is ...
    • Scalable Stochastic Models for Cloud Services 

      Ghosh, Rahul (2012)
      Cloud computing appears to be a paradigm shift in service oriented computing. Massively scalable Cloud architectures are spawned by new business and social applications as well as Internet driven economics. Besides being ...
    • Stochastic Modeling of Modern Storage Systems 

      Xia, Ruofan (2015)
      Storage systems play a vital part in modern IT systems. As the volume of data grows explosively and greater requirement on storage performance and reliability is put forward, effective and efficient design and operation ...
    • SVRG Escapes Saddle Points 

      Wang, Weiyao (2018-04-25)
      In this paper, we consider a fundamental problem of non-convex optimization that has wide applications and implications in machine learning. Previous works have shown that stochastic gradient descent with the variance reduction ...
    • Test and Design-for-Testability Solutions for Monolithic 3D Integrated Circuits 

      Koneru, Abhishek (2019)
      Three-dimensional (3D) integration is a promising way to sustain Moore's Law beyond device- and interconnect-scaling limits. 3D technologies enable the integration of heterogeneous fabrication processes, and provide high-speed ...
    • Topics in Online Markov Decision Processes 

      Guan, Peng (2015)
      This dissertation describes sequential decision making problems in non-stationary environments. Online learning algorithms deal with non-stationary environments, but generally there is no notion of a dynamic state to model ...
    • Unified Design and Optimization Tools for Digital Microfluidic Biochips 

      Zhao, Yang (2011)
      Digital microfluidics is an emerging technology that provides fluid-handling capability on a chip. Biochips based on digital microfluidics have therefore enabled the automation of laboratory procedures in biochemistry. By ...
    • Workload Management for Data-Intensive Services 

      Lim, Harold Vinson Chao (2013)
      Data-intensive web services are typically composed of three tiers: i) a display tier that interacts with users and serves rich content to them, ii) a storage tier that stores the user-generated or machine-generated data ...