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    • S.-S. Chern's study of almost-complex structures on the six-sphere 

      Bryant, Robert (2014-05-14)
      In 2003, S.-s. Chern began a study of almost-complex structures on the 6-sphere, with the idea of exploiting the special properties of its well-known almost-complex structure invariant under the exceptional group $G_2$. ...
    • Second order families of special Lagrangian 3-folds 

      Bryant, Robert
      A second order family of special Lagrangian submanifolds of complex m-space is a family characterized by the satisfaction of a set of pointwise conditions on the second fundamental form. For example, the set of ruled special ...
    • Some differential complexes within and beyond parabolic geometry 

      Bryant, Robert; Eastwood, MG; Gover, AR; Neusser, K (2012-03-19)
      For smooth manifolds equipped with various geometric structures, we construct complexes that replace the de Rham complex in providing an alternative fine resolution of the sheaf of locally constant functions. In case that ...