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    • A Collaborative Approach to Infant Research: Promoting Reproducibility, Best Practices, and Theory-Building. 

      Frank, Michael C; Bergelson, Elika; Bergmann, Christina; Cristia, Alejandrina; Floccia, Caroline; Gervain, Judit; Hamlin, J Kiley; ... (18 authors) (Infancy : the official journal of the International Society on Infant Studies, 2017-07)
      The ideal of scientific progress is that we accumulate measurements and integrate these into theory, but recent discussion of replicability issues has cast doubt on whether psychological research conforms to this model. ...
    • Accuracy of the Language Environment Analysis System Segmentation and Metrics: A Systematic Review. 

      Cristia, Alejandrina; Bulgarelli, Federica; Bergelson, Elika (Journal of speech, language, and hearing research : JSLHR, 2020-04-17)
      Purpose The Language Environment Analysis (LENA) system provides automated measures facilitating clinical and nonclinical research and interventions on language development, but there are only a few, scattered independent ...
    • Automatic word count estimation from daylong child-centered recordings in various language environments using language-independent syllabification of speech 

      Räsänen, O; Seshadri, S; Karadayi, J; Riebling, E; Bunce, J; Cristia, A; Metze, F; ... (11 authors) (Speech Communication, 2019-10-01)
      © 2019 The Authors Automatic word count estimation (WCE) from audio recordings can be used to quantify the amount of verbal communication in a recording environment. One key application of WCE is to measure language input ...
    • Day by day, hour by hour: Naturalistic language input to infants. 

      Bergelson, Elika; Amatuni, Andrei; Dailey, Shannon; Koorathota, Sharath; Tor, Shaelise (Developmental science, 2019-01)
      Measurements of infants' quotidian experiences provide critical information about early development. However, the role of sampling methods in providing these measurements is rarely examined. Here we directly compare language ...
    • Development and Assessment of the Effectiveness of an Undergraduate General Education Foreign Language Requirement 

      Thompson, RJ; Walther, I; Tufts, C; Lee, KC; Paredes, L; Fellin, L; Andrews, E; ... (11 authors) (Foreign Language Annals, 2014-01-01)
      © 2014 by American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. This article describes a faculty-led, multiyear process of formulating learning objectives and assessing the effectiveness of a foreign language requirement ...
    • Look who's talking: A comparison of automated and human-generated speaker tags in naturalistic day-long recordings. 

      Bulgarelli, Federica; Bergelson, Elika (Behavior research methods, 2019-07-24)
      The LENA system has revolutionized research on language acquisition, providing both a wearable device to collect day-long recordings of children's environments, and a set of automated outputs that process, identify, and ...
    • Mothers' Work Status and 17-month-olds' Productive Vocabulary. 

      Laing, Catherine E; Bergelson, Elika (Infancy : the official journal of the International Society on Infant Studies, 2019-01)
      Literature examining the effects of mothers' work status on infant language development is mixed, with little focus on varying work-schedules and early vocabulary. We use naturalistic data to analyze the productive vocabulary ...
    • Point, walk, talk: Links between three early milestones, from observation and parental report. 

      Moore, Charlotte; Dailey, Shannon; Garrison, Hallie; Amatuni, Andrei; Bergelson, Elika (Developmental psychology, 2019-08)
      Around their first birthdays, infants begin to point, walk, and talk. These abilities are appreciable both by researchers with strictly standardized criteria and caregivers with more relaxed notions of what each of these ...
    • Preserved Structure Across Vector Space Representations. 

      Amatuni, Andrei; He, Estelle; Bergelson, Elika (CoRR, 2018)
      Certain concepts, words, and images are intuitively more similar than others (dog vs. cat, dog vs. spoon), though quantifying such similarity is notoriously difficult. Indeed, this kind of computation is likely a critical ...
    • Reduction and Mechanism 

      Rosenberg, Alex (2020-05-31)
      This Element expounds the debate about reductionism in biology, from the work of the post-positivists to the end of the century debates about supervenience, multiple realizability, and explanatory exclusion.
    • What Do North American Babies Hear? A large-scale cross-corpus analysis. 

      Bergelson, Elika; Casillas, Marisa; Soderstrom, Melanie; Seidl, Amanda; Warlaumont, Anne S; Amatuni, Andrei (Developmental science, 2019-01)
      A range of demographic variables influences how much speech young children hear. However, because studies have used vastly different sampling methods, quantitative comparison of interlocking demographic effects has been ...
    • Young children conform more to norms than to preferences. 

      Li, Leon; Britvan, Bari; Tomasello, Michael (PloS one, 2021-01)
      As members of cultural groups, humans continually adhere to social norms and conventions. Researchers have hypothesized that even young children are motivated to act conventionally, but support for this hypothesis has been ...