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    • Inter-site and inter-scanner diffusion MRI data harmonization. 

      Andaluz, N; Bouix, S; Coimbra, R; Coleman, MJ; Flashman, LA; George, MS; Grant, Gerald Arthur; ... (22 authors) (Neuroimage, 2016-07-15)
      We propose a novel method to harmonize diffusion MRI data acquired from multiple sites and scanners, which is imperative for joint analysis of the data to significantly increase sample size and statistical power of neuroimaging ...
    • Joint eQTL assessment of whole blood and dura mater tissue from individuals with Chiari type I malformation. 

      Ashley-Koch, A; Cope, Heidi; Dunson, David B; Fuchs, Herbert Edgar; Garrett, ME; Grant, Gerald Arthur; Gregory, Simon Gray; ... (10 authors) (BMC Genomics, 2015-01-22)
      BACKGROUND: Expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) play an important role in the regulation of gene expression. Gene expression levels and eQTLs are expected to vary from tissue to tissue, and therefore multi-tissue analyses ...
    • Sickle erythrocytes target cytotoxics to hypoxic tumor microvessels and potentiate a tumoricidal response. 

      Ashcraft, K; Boruta, RJ; Cao, Y; Dewhirst, Mark Wesley; Dreher, MR; Eble, J; Fels, D; ... (18 authors) (PLoS One, 2013)
      Resistance of hypoxic solid tumor niches to chemotherapy and radiotherapy remains a major scientific challenge that calls for conceptually new approaches. Here we exploit a hitherto unrecognized ability of sickled erythrocytes ...