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    • Chinese Immigrant Wealth: Heterogeneity in Adaptation. 

      Agius Vallejo, J; Aronson, B; Keister, Lisa A (2016)
      Chinese immigrants are a diverse and growing group whose members provide a unique opportunity to examine within-immigrant group differences in adaptation. In this paper, we move beyond thinking of national-origin groups ...
    • Chinese Immigrant Wealth: Heterogeneity in Adaptation. 

      Keister, Lisa A; Vallejo, JA (2016)
    • Financial Asset Ownership: The Case of Chinese and Indian Immigrants to the United States 

      Keister, Lisa A (Business and Economics Journal, 2015)
    • Household Charitable Giving at the Intersection of Gender, Marital Status, and Religion 

      Eagle, David; Keister, Lisa; Read, Jen'nan (Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 2018-02)
      © 2017, © The Author(s) 2017. Past research reveals mixed results regarding the relationship between gender and charitable giving. We show gender plays a significant role in giving but only when considered alongside marital ...
    • How Does Race and Ethnicity Affect Persistence in Immature Ventures? 

      Freeland, RE; Keister, Lisa A (Journal of Small Business Management, 2016-01-01)
      © 2016 International Council for Small Business.Does race/ethnicity affect persistence in an immature venture? Using data from the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics II, we examine how race/ethnicity, access to supplier ...
    • Immigrants in the one percent: The national origin of top wealth owners. 

      Aronson, B; Keister, Lisa A (PLoS One, 2017)
      BACKGROUND: Economic inequality in the United States is extreme, but little is known about the national origin of affluent households. Households in the top one percent by total wealth own vastly disproportionate quantities ...
    • Lifestyles through Expenditures: A Case-Based Approach to Saving. 

      Benton, R; Keister, Lisa A; Moody, James (Sociol Sci, 2016)
      Treating people as cases that are proximate in a behavior space-representing lifestyles-rather than as markers of single variables has a long history in sociology. Yet, because it is difficult to find analytically tractable ...
    • Market transition: An assessment of the state of the field 

      Keister, Lisa A; Paige Borelli, E (Sociological Perspectives, 2012-06-01)
      Dramatic changes in global politics and economics have led a large number of economies to undergo transition from socialism to some form of market system. Sociologists have taken advantage of economic transition to develop ...
    • Mexican american mobility: Early life processes and adult wealth ownership 

      Keister, Lisa A; Paige Borelli, E; Vallejo, JA (Social Forces, 2015-03-01)
      © The Author 2014.Mexican Americans are a large group whose mobility patterns can provide important insight into immigrant assimilation processes. It is well known that Mexicans have not attained economic parity with whites, ...
    • Race and Consumption: Black and White Disparities in Household Spending 

      Chénier, RC; Fink, JJ; Keister, Lisa A (Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 2016-05-09)
      Differences in consumption patterns are usually treated as a matter of preferences. In this article, the authors examine consumption from a structural perspective and argue that black households face unique constraints ...
    • Religion and attainment 

      Keister, Lisa A (Sociological Focus, 2011-01-01)
      Religion is an important determinant of social and economic attainment, but the mechanisms that underlie this relationship are not well understood. Early scholars recognized this connection, but their ideas do not adequately ...
    • The one percent 

      Keister, Lisa A (Annual Review of Sociology, 2014-01-01)
      Recent protest movements brought attention to the one percent, a segment of the population that is critical to understanding inequality and social mobility but that attracts relatively little research attention. In this ...