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    • A wireless multi-channel recording system for freely behaving mice and rats. 

      Barter, JW; Dalley, JW; Fan, David; Herwik, S; Holtzman, T; Holzhammer, T; Lopez, A; ... (13 authors) (PLoS One, 2011)
      To understand the neural basis of behavior, it is necessary to record brain activity in freely moving animals. Advances in implantable multi-electrode array technology have enabled researchers to record the activity of neuronal ...
    • A wirelessly controlled implantable LED system for deep brain optogenetic stimulation. 

      Fu, Quanhai; Go, V; Morizio, James; Murphy, T; Rossi, M; Yin, Henry (Front Integr Neurosci, 2015)
      In recent years optogenetics has rapidly become an essential technique in neuroscience. Its temporal and spatial specificity, combined with efficacy in manipulating neuronal activity, are especially useful in studying the ...