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    • Case Study of Variables in Retirement Policy, A 

      Kreps, Juanita (1961)
      The 1960's may bring us full circle in the evolution of retirement policy. In conrtast with the depression era of the 1930's, when compulsory retirement was viewed as a means of rationing scarce jobs, the tight labor market ...
    • Lifetime Allocation of Work and Leisure. 

      Kreps, Juanita (1968)
      Concentrating on the trend toward early retirement in the United States and the factors responsible for it, this study draws comparisons between the work and leisure pattern in the United States, with its growing tendency ...
    • Modern man and his instinct of workmanship 

      Kreps, Juanita (1973)
      The author examines the place and meaning of work in contemporary American society, its relationship to the amount and quality of leisure time that is available, and its relationship to the worker's physical and mental health.
    • Training and Retraining Older Workers, an Annotated Bibliography. 

      Kreps, Juanita; Laws, Ralph (1965)
      A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. The need for economy-wide measures designed to retrain workers of all ages resulted in development of this annotated bibliography which is primarily ...