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    • A mathematical model for histamine synthesis, release, and control in varicosities 

      Best, J; Hashemi, P; Nijhout, HF; Reed, Michael C; Samaranayake, S (Theoretical Biology and medical Modelling, 2017)
    • A population model of folate-mediated one-carbon metabolism. 

      Duncan, TM; Nijhout, HF; Reed, Michael C (Nutrients, 2013-07-05)
      BACKGROUND: Previous mathematical models for hepatic and tissue one-carbon metabolism have been combined and extended to include a blood plasma compartment. We use this model to study how the concentrations of metabolites ...
    • Propagation of fluctuations in biochemical systems, I: Linear SSC networks 

      Anderson, DF; Mattingly, Jonathan Christopher; Nijhout, HF; Reed, Michael C (Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2007-08-01)
      We investigate the propagation of random fluctuations through biochemical networks in which the number of molecules of each species is large enough so that the concentrations are well modeled by differential equations. We ...
    • Sensitivity to switching rates in stochastically switched ODEs 

      Lawley, SD; Mattingly, Jonathan Christopher; Reed, Michael C (Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 2014-01-01)
      We consider a stochastic process driven by a linear ordinary differential equation whose right-hand side switches at exponential times between a collection of different matrices. We construct planar examples that switch ...
    • Serotonin synthesis, release and reuptake in terminals: a mathematical model. 

      Best, J; Nijhout, HF; Reed, Michael C (Theor Biol Med Model, 2010-08-19)
      BACKGROUND: Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that has been linked to a wide variety of behaviors including feeding and body-weight regulation, social hierarchies, aggression and suicidality, obsessive compulsive disorder, ...
    • Stochastic switching in infinite dimensions with applications to random parabolic PDE 

      Lawley, SD; Mattingly, Jonathan Christopher; Reed, Michael C (SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, 2015-01-01)
      © 2015 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.We consider parabolic PDEs with randomly switching boundary conditions. In order to analyze these random PDEs, we consider more general stochastic hybrid systems and ...
    • Systems Biology of Phenotypic Robustness and Plasticity. 

      Best, J; Nijhout, HF; Reed, Michael C; Sadre-Marandi, F (Integr Comp Biol, 2017-08-01)
      SYNOPSIS: Gene regulatory networks, cellular biochemistry, tissue function, and whole body physiology are imbued with myriad overlapping and interacting homeostatic mechanisms that ensure that many phenotypes are robust ...
    • The impact of host immune status on the within-host and population dynamics of antigenic immune escape. 

      Koelle, K; Luo, S; Mattingly, Jonathan Christopher; Reed, Michael C (J R Soc Interface, 2012-10-07)
      Antigenically evolving pathogens such as influenza viruses are difficult to control owing to their ability to evade host immunity by producing immune escape variants. Experimental studies have repeatedly demonstrated that ...