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    • A Comment on the Analysis of Data Generated by Simulation Experiments 

      Naylor, Thomas; Wonnacott, Thomas H (1970-11)
      The purpose of this note is to suggest some improvements in current statistical analysis of computer-simulated data. To be concrete, we will take a recent paper by Rosser T. nelson [7] which appears in this journal as the ...
    • A Dynamic Model of the Firm 

      Chu, Kong; Naylor, Thomas (1965-05-01)
      In this paper we utilize traditional microeconomic theory and elementary queuing theory to develop a computer simulation model of a single-product, multi-process firm. One of our objectives is to demonstrate that the body ...
    • A Survey of Users of Corporate Planning Models 

      Naylor, Thomas; Schauland, Horst (1976-05)
      Why are over 2,000 corporations either using, developing, or planning to develop some form of corporate simulation model? What types of companies are using corporate planning models? How are they being used? Which resources ...
    • An Econometric Model of the Textile Industry in the United States 

      Naylor, Thomas; Sasser, W Earl; Wallace, William H (1968)
      The model presented in this paper is a system of recursive linear regression equations, the parameters of which are estimated from monthly series of data covering the period, January, 1951, through December, 1962.
    • An Econometric Model of the Tobacco Industry 

      Naylor, Thomas; Rives, Norfleet W; Vernon, John M (1969)
      N thi's paper we describe an econometric model of the American tobacco industry for the period 1949 through 1966. The model contains 19 equations and is divided into three major blocks - (1) leaf production, (2) leaf price, ...
    • Spectral Analysis of Data Generated by Simulation Experiments with Econometric Models 

      Naylor, Thomas; Wertz, Kenneth; Wonnacott, Thomas H (1969)
      This paper is concerned with the use of spectral analysis to analyze data generated by computer simulation experiments with models of economic systems. An example model serves to illustrate two different applications of ...
    • The Capital Asset Pricing Model: An Evaluation of Its Potential As a Strategic Planning Tool 

      Naylor, Thomas; Tapon, Francis (1982-10)
      In this paper we provide a summary of the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and point out how it might possibly be used as a tool for strategic planning by corporations that own a portfolio of businesses. We also point ...