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    • On enrichment strategies for biomarker stratified clinical trials 

      George, Stephen L; Wang, T; Wang, Xiaofei; Zhou, J (Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 2017-09-07)
      In the era of precision medicine, drugs are increasingly developed to target subgroups of patients with certain biomarkers. In large all-comer trials using a biomarker strati ed design (BSD), the cost of treating and following ...
    • Sample size calculation for studies with grouped survival data. 

      Li, Zhiguo; Owzar, Kouros; Wang, Xiaofei; Wu, Yuan (Statistics in medicine, 2018-06-10)
      Grouped survival data arise often in studies where the disease status is assessed at regular visits to clinic. The time to the event of interest can only be determined to be between two adjacent visits or is right censored ...