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    • A noisy linear map underlies oscillations in cell size and gene expression in bacteria. 

      Buchler, NE; Huang, S; Pai, Anand; Park, H; Stamatov, R; Tanouchi, Y; You, L (Nature, 2015-07-16)
      During bacterial growth, a cell approximately doubles in size before division, after which it splits into two daughter cells. This process is subjected to the inherent perturbations of cellular noise and thus requires regulation ...
    • Programming stress-induced altruistic death in engineered bacteria. 

      Buchler, NE; Pai, Anand; Tanouchi, Y; You, L (Mol Syst Biol, 2012)
      Programmed death is often associated with a bacterial stress response. This behavior appears paradoxical, as it offers no benefit to the individual. This paradox can be explained if the death is 'altruistic': the killing ...