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    • Perspectives of women in prostitution diversion program on DNA collection for a high-risk DNA database 

      Chandrasekharan, Subhashini; Katsanis, Sara; Felini, M; Kim, J; Minear, Mollie; Wagner, JK (International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences, 2017-01-01)
      © 2017 International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences. DNA can be collected from women at high risk of violent crime as a pre-emptive biometric for post-mortem identification. We conducted focus groups with women in ...
    • Perspectives on genetic and genomic technologies in an academic medical center: the duke experience. 

      Simmons, Leigh; Ginsburg, Geoffrey; Katsanis, Sara; Minear, Mollie; Vorderstrasse, Allison; Rakhra-Burris, Tejinder; Cook-Deegan, Robert; ... (9 authors) (Journal of personalized medicine, 2015-04-03)
      In this age of personalized medicine, genetic and genomic testing is expected to become instrumental in health care delivery, but little is known about its actual implementation in clinical practice.We surveyed Duke faculty ...
    • Preliminary perspectives on DNA collection in anti-human trafficking efforts. 

      Chandrasekharan, Subhashini; Katsanis, Sara; Kim, Joyce; Minear, Mollie; Wagner, Jennifer K (Recent advances in DNA & gene sequences, 2014-01)
      Forensic DNA methodologies have potential applications in the investigation of human trafficking cases. DNA and relationship testing may be useful for confirmation of biological relationship claims in immigration, identification ...