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    • Evaluating the effects of image persistence on dynamic target acquisition in low frame rate virtual environments 

      Appelbaum, Lawrence Gregory; Kopper, Regis; Potter, Nicholas; Rao, Hrishikesh; Sommer, Marc A; Zielinski, David (IEEE 3D User Interfaces (3DUI), 2016-03-19)
      User performance in virtual environments with degraded visual conditions due to low frame rates is an interesting area of inquiry. Visual content shown in a low frame rate simulation has the quality of the original image, ...
    • Sensorimotor learning during a marksmanship task in immersive virtual reality 

      Appelbaum, Lawrence Gregory; Clements, Jillian; Khanna, Rajan; Kopper, Regis; Lu, Y; Potter, Nicholas; Rao, Hrishikesh; ... (9 authors) (Frontiers in Psychology, 2018-01-15)
      Sensorimotor learning refers to improvements that occur through practice in the performance of sensory-guided motor behaviors. Leveraging novel technical capabilities of an immersive virtual environment, we probed the component ...
    • The steady-state visual evoked potential in vision research: A review. 

      Norcia, Anthony M; Appelbaum, Lawrence Gregory; Ales, Justin M; Cottereau, Benoit R; Rossion, Bruno (J Vis, 2015)
      Periodic visual stimulation and analysis of the resulting steady-state visual evoked potentials were first introduced over 80 years ago as a means to study visual sensation and perception. From the first single-channel recording ...