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    • Endobronchial metastasis from primary anorectal melanoma. 

      Lark, Amy; Shofer, Scott; Heyman, Benjamin M; Chung, Matthew M (The American journal of case reports, 2013-01)
      PATIENT: Male, 64 FINAL DIAGNOSIS: Metastatic anorectal melanoma with endotracheal metastasis Symptoms: Fatigue • weight loss • hematochezia • cough MEDICATION: None Clinical Procedure: Biopsy of anal mass • rigid bronchoscopy ...
    • Evaluation of an epithelial plasticity biomarker panel in men with localized prostate cancer. 

      Armstrong, AJ; Freedland, SJ; Halabi, Susan; Healy, Patrick; Kemeny, G; Lark, A; Vollmer, Robin T; ... (8 authors) (Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, 2016-03)
      BACKGROUND: Given the potential importance of epithelial plasticity (EP) to cancer metastasis, we sought to investigate biomarkers related to EP in men with localized prostate cancer (PC) for the association with time to ...