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    • Economic Structure and Performance 

      Kuran, Timur (1986)
      This festschrift, featuring 26 papers by 36 authors, is a fitting tribute to Hollis Chenery who, for over three decades, has been one of the luminaries of development economics. Most of the issues he brought into focus, ...
    • Human Desire and Economic Satisfaction 

      Kuran, Timur (1987)
      He makes us first of all realize that being black in the world of economists does make a difference. And then he tells a story in which fortune has the better part with him as the unwilling participant who nevertheless repeatedly ...
    • Pioneers in Development: Second Series 

      Kuran, Timur (1988)
      Most doubtful, though, is Gruchy's unbridled faith in planning. The unpredictable dynamics Gruchy finds in economic systems argue strongly against centralized planning, as neo- Austrians suggest. At the practical level most ...