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    • Internal Markets for Supply Chain Capacity Allocation 

      Malone, Thomas W; McAdams, David (2005)
      explores the possibility of solving supply chain capacity allocation problems using internal markets among employees of the same company. Unlike earlier forms of transfer pricing, IT now makes it easier for such markets ...
    • Modifying the uniform-price auction to eliminate ‘collusive-seeming equilibria’ 

      McAdams, David (2002)
      The uniform-price auction is used in many regional electricity procurement auctions and its “collusive-seeming equilibria” have been linked to potential exercise of market power. Such equilibria do not exist, however, if ...
    • Uniform-Price Auctions with Adjustable Supply 

      McAdams, David (2006)
      form-price auction with adjustable supply, the seller decides how much to sell after receiving the bids so as to maximize its ex post profit. Given N bidders and adjustable supply, all equilibria of the uniform-price auction ...