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    • Cover Song Identification with Timbral Shape Sequences 

      Tralie, Christopher; Bendich, Paul L (Proc. of Int. Symp. on Music Inf. Retrieval, 2015)
      We introduce a novel low level feature for identifying cover songs which quantifies the relative changes in the smoothed frequency spectrum of a song. Our key insight is that a sliding window representation of a chunk of ...
    • Early MFCC And HPCP Fusion for Robust Cover Song Identification 

      Tralie, Christopher (2017-12-11)
      While most schemes for automatic cover song identification have focused on note-based features such as HPCP and chord profiles, a few recent papers surprisingly showed that local self-similarities of MFCC-based features ...
    • Geometric Cross-Modal Comparison of Heterogeneous Sensor Data 

      Bendich, Paul L; Borggren, N; Harer, John; Hineman, J; Smith, A; Tralie, Christopher; Zulch, P (Proceedings of the 39th IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2018-03)
      In this work, we address the problem of cross-modal comparison of aerial data streams. A variety of simulated automobile trajectories are sensed using two different modalities: full-motion video, and radio-frequency (RF) ...
    • Geometric Models for Musical Audio Data 

      Bendich, Paul L; Gasparovic, E; Harer, John; Tralie, Christopher (Proceedings of the 32st International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SOCG), 2016-06)
    • High Dimensional Geometry of Sliding Window Embeddings of Periodic Videos 

      Tralie, Christopher (Proceedings of the 32st International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SOCG), 2016-06)
      We explore the high dimensional geometry of sliding windows of periodic videos. Under a reas- onable model for periodic videos, we show that the sliding window is necessary to disambiguate all states within a period, and ...
    • Math 412: Music + Topology 

      Tralie, Christopher (2014)
      In this mini assignment you will explore an application of "sliding windows and persistence" on time series data (see Jose Perea's paper for more theory). Specifically, you will look at how to transform musical audio data ...
    • Moebius Beats: The Twisted Spaces of Sliding Window Audio Novelty Functions with Rhythmic Subdivisions 

      Tralie, Christopher (2017-12-11)
      functions (ANFs) representing songs with rhythmic subdivisions concentrate on the boundary of non-orientable surfaces such as the Moebius strip. This insight provides a radically different topological approach to classifying ...
    • (Quasi)Periodicity Quantification in Video Data, Using Topology 

      Tralie, Christopher; Perea, JA (2017-12-11)
      This work introduces a novel framework for quantifying the presence and strength of recurrent dynamics in video data. Specifically, we provide continuous measures of periodicity (perfect repetition) and quasiperiodicity ...
    • Self-Similarity Based Time Warping 

      Tralie, Christopher (2017-12-11)
      In this work, we explore the problem of aligning two time-ordered point clouds which are spatially transformed and re-parameterized versions of each other. This has a diverse array of applications such as cross modal time ...