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    • Acquisition, Analysis, and Sharing of Data in 2015 and Beyond: A Survey of the Landscape: A Conference Report From the American Heart Association Data Summit 2015. 

      American Heart Association Data Sharing Summit Attendees; Antman, EM; Bauman, MA; Benjamin, EJ; Brown, N; Bufalino, V; Califf, Robert M; ... (36 authors) (J Am Heart Assoc, 2015-11-05)
      BACKGROUND: A 1.5-day interactive forum was convened to discuss critical issues in the acquisition, analysis, and sharing of data in the field of cardiovascular and stroke science. The discussion will serve as the foundation ...
    • Issues in regulatory guidelines for data monitoring committees. 

      Califf, Robert M; DeMets, David Leon; Dixon, Dennis; Ellenberg, S; Fleming, T; Held, P; Julian, D; ... (19 authors) (Clin Trials, 2004)
      As clinical trials have emerged as the major research method for evaluating new interventions, the process for monitoring intervention safety and benefit has also evolved. The Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) has become the ...
    • Liability issues for data monitoring committee members. 

      Califf, Robert M; DeMets, David Leon; Fleming, TR; Massie, B; Meisel, A; Merchant, T; Mishkin, B; ... (10 authors) (Clin Trials, 2004)
      In randomized clinical trials, a data monitoring committee (DMC) is often appointed to review interim data to determine whether there is early convincing evidence of intervention benefit, lack of benefit or harm to study ...