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    • R Markdown: Integrating A Reproducible Analysis Tool into Introductory Statistics 

      Baumer, B; Cetinkaya-Rundel, M; Bray, A; Loi, L; Horton, NJ (Technology Innovations in Statistics Education, 2014)
      Nolan and Temple Lang argue that “the ability to express statistical computations is an es- sential skill.” A key related capacity is the ability to conduct and present data analysis in a way that another person can understand ...
    • Sexually coercive male chimpanzees sire more offspring. 

      Cetinkaya-Rundel, M; Feldblum, JT; Gilby, IC; Hahn, Beatrice H; Paiva, T; Pusey, AE; Rudicell, RS; ... (8 authors) (Curr Biol, 2014-12-01)
      In sexually reproducing animals, male and female reproductive strategies often conflict. In some species, males use aggression to overcome female choice, but debate persists over the extent to which this strategy is successful. ...
    • Understanding the massive open online course (MOOC) student experience: An examination of attitudes, motivations, and barriers 

      Canelas, Dorian; Cetinkaya-Rundel, M; Lee, CH; Li, K; Shapiro, HB; Wyman Roth, NE (Computers and Education, 2017-07-01)
      During the widespread development of open access online course materials in the last two decades, advances have been made in understanding the impact of instructional design on quantitative outcomes. Much less is known about ...