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    • Fractures in myelomeningocele. 

      Abel, R; Akbar, M; Bresch, B; Bruckner, T; Carstens, C; Fürstenberg, CH; Raiss, P; ... (8 authors) (J Orthop Traumatol, 2010-09)
      BACKGROUND: In patients with myelomeningocele (MMC), a high number of fractures occur in the paralyzed extremities, affecting mobility and independence. The aims of this retrospective cross-sectional study are to determine ...
    • Risk of dislocation using large- vs. small-diameter femoral heads in total hip arthroplasty. 

      Akbar, M; Issa, K; Mont, MA; Plate, JF; Seyler, Thorsten M; Stroh, DA (BMC Res Notes, 2012-10-05)
      BACKGROUND: Dislocation remains a difficult problem in total hip arthroplasty. Large-diameter femoral heads may lower the incidence of dislocation by enhancing the jump distance and decreasing impingement, but their performance ...