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    • Energy & Development (Global Energy Access Network Case Studies) 

      Aggarwal, Aashna; Childress, Samantha; Greene, Lydia K; Guidera, Laura; Guo, Katherine; Holt, Danielle; Klug, Thomas; ... (11 authors) (2017-06-20)
      The present volume represents the culmination of one of the Global Energy Access Network's central initiatives in our inaugural 2016-17 year. We observed that many of our student members had previously worked in areas of ...
    • The Impacts of Rural Electrification in the Kingdom of Bhutan 

      Litzow, Erin L. (2017-04-28)
      Since the 1990s, the Kingdom of Bhutan has made significant investments to achieve universal rural electrification (RE), with goals to improve education, health and employment outcomes and reduce fuelwood consumption. While ...