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    • Gauging possibilities for action based on friction underfoot. 

      Joh, Amy S; Adolph, Karen E; Narayanan, Priya J; Dietz, Victoria A (J Exp Psychol Hum Percept Perform, 2007-10)
      Standing and walking generate information about friction underfoot. Five experiments examined whether walkers use such perceptual information for prospective control of locomotion. In particular, do walkers integrate information ...
    • Learning from falling. 

      Joh, Amy S; Adolph, Karen E (Child Dev, 2006-01)
      Walkers fall frequently, especially during infancy. Children (15-, 21-, 27-, 33-, and 39-month-olds) and adults were tested in a novel foam pit paradigm to examine age-related changes in the relationship between falling ...
    • Why walkers slip: shine is not a reliable cue for slippery ground. 

      Joh, Amy S; Adolph, Karen E; Campbell, Margot R; Eppler, Marion A (Percept Psychophys, 2006-04)
      In a series of four studies, we investigated the visual cues that walkers use to predict slippery ground surfaces and tested whether visual information is reliable for specifying low-friction conditions. In Study 1, 91% ...