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    • The steady-state visual evoked potential in vision research: A review. 

      Norcia, Anthony M; Appelbaum, Lawrence Gregory; Ales, Justin M; Cottereau, Benoit R; Rossion, Bruno (J Vis, 2015)
      Periodic visual stimulation and analysis of the resulting steady-state visual evoked potentials were first introduced over 80 years ago as a means to study visual sensation and perception. From the first single-channel recording ...
    • The time course of segmentation and cue-selectivity in the human visual cortex. 

      Appelbaum, Lawrence G; Ales, Justin M; Norcia, Anthony M (PLoS One, 2012)
      Texture discontinuities are a fundamental cue by which the visual system segments objects from their background. The neural mechanisms supporting texture-based segmentation are therefore critical to visual perception and ...
    • The time course of shape discrimination in the human brain. 

      Ales, Justin M; Appelbaum, L Gregory; Cottereau, Benoit R; Norcia, Anthony M (Neuroimage, 2013-02-15)
      The lateral occipital cortex (LOC) activates selectively to images of intact objects versus scrambled controls, is selective for the figure-ground relationship of a scene, and exhibits at least some degree of invariance ...