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    • A host gene expression approach for identifying triggers of asthma exacerbations. 

      Lydon, Emily C; Bullard, Charles; Aydin, Mert; Better, Olga M; Mazur, Anna; Nicholson, Bradly P; Ko, Emily R; ... (13 authors) (PloS one, 2019-01)
      RATIONALE:Asthma exacerbations often occur due to infectious triggers, but determining whether infection is present and whether it is bacterial or viral remains clinically challenging. A diagnostic strategy that clarifies ...
    • Cell cycle Start is coupled to entry into the yeast metabolic cycle across diverse strains and growth rates. 

      Burnetti, Anthony J; Aydin, Mert; Buchler, Nicolas E (Mol Biol Cell, 2016-01-01)
      Cells have evolved oscillators with different frequencies to coordinate periodic processes. Here we studied the interaction of two oscillators, the cell division cycle (CDC) and the yeast metabolic cycle (YMC), in budding ...
    • Discriminating Bacterial and Viral Infection Using a Rapid Host Gene Expression Test. 

      Tsalik, Ephraim L; Henao, Ricardo; Montgomery, Jesse L; Nawrocki, Jeff W; Aydin, Mert; Lydon, Emily C; Ko, Emily R; ... (24 authors) (Critical care medicine, 2021-10)
      <h4>Objectives</h4>Host gene expression signatures discriminate bacterial and viral infection but have not been translated to a clinical test platform. This study enrolled an independent cohort of patients to describe and ...
    • Measuring fast gene dynamics in single cells with time-lapse luminescence microscopy. 

      Mazo-Vargas, Anyimilehidi; Park, Heungwon; Aydin, Mert; Buchler, Nicolas E (Mol Biol Cell, 2014-11-05)
      Time-lapse fluorescence microscopy is an important tool for measuring in vivo gene dynamics in single cells. However, fluorescent proteins are limited by slow chromophore maturation times and the cellular autofluorescence ...
    • Validation of a host response test to distinguish bacterial and viral respiratory infection. 

      Lydon, Emily C; Henao, Ricardo; Burke, Thomas W; Aydin, Mert; Nicholson, Bradly P; Glickman, Seth W; Fowler, Vance G; ... (19 authors) (EBioMedicine, 2019-10-17)
      BACKGROUND:Distinguishing bacterial and viral respiratory infections is challenging. Novel diagnostics based on differential host gene expression patterns are promising but have not been translated to a clinical platform ...