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    • Sepsis Subclasses: A Framework for Development and Interpretation. 

      DeMerle, Kimberley M; Angus, Derek C; Baillie, J Kenneth; Brant, Emily; Calfee, Carolyn S; Carcillo, Joseph; Chang, Chung-Chou H; ... (30 authors) (Critical care medicine, 2021-05)
      Sepsis is defined as a dysregulated host response to infection that leads to life-threatening acute organ dysfunction. It afflicts approximately 50 million people worldwide annually and is often deadly, even when evidence-based ...
    • The 2018 Lake Louise Acute Mountain Sickness Score. 

      Roach, Robert C; Hackett, Peter H; Oelz, Oswald; Bärtsch, Peter; Luks, Andrew M; MacInnis, Martin J; Baillie, J Kenneth; ... (8 authors) (High Altitude Medicine and Biology, 2018-03-13)
      Roach, Robert C., Peter H. Hackett, Oswald Oelz, Peter Bärtsch, Andrew M. Luks, Martin J. MacInnis, J. Kenneth Baillie, and The Lake Louise AMS Score Consensus Committee. The 2018 Lake Louise Acute Mountain Sickness Score. ...