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    • Detecting separate time scales in genetic expression data. 

      Orlando, David A; Brady, Siobhan M; Fink, Thomas MA; Benfey, Philip N; Ahnert, Sebastian E (BMC Genomics, 2010-06-16)
      BACKGROUND: Biological processes occur on a vast range of time scales, and many of them occur concurrently. As a result, system-wide measurements of gene expression have the potential to capture many of these processes ...
    • Information processing without brains--the power of intercellular regulators in plants. 

      Busch, Wolfgang; Benfey, Philip N (Development, 2010-04)
      Plants exhibit different developmental strategies than animals; these are characterized by a tight linkage between environmental conditions and development. As plants have neither specialized sensory organs nor a nervous ...
    • Intergenic and genic sequence lengths have opposite relationships with respect to gene expression. 

      Colinas, Juliette; Schmidler, Scott C; Bohrer, Gil; Iordanov, Borislav; Benfey, Philip N (PLoS One, 2008)
      Eukaryotic genomes are mostly composed of noncoding DNA whose role is still poorly understood. Studies in several organisms have shown correlations between the length of the intergenic and genic sequences of a gene and the ...