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    • Frequent ATRX, CIC, FUBP1 and IDH1 mutations refine the classification of malignant gliomas. 

      Jiao, Yuchen; Killela, Patrick J; Reitman, Zachary J; Rasheed, Ahmed B; Heaphy, Christopher M; de Wilde, Roeland F; Rodriguez, Fausto J; ... (29 authors) (Oncotarget, 2012-07)
      Mutations in the critical chromatin modifier ATRX and mutations in CIC and FUBP1, which are potent regulators of cell growth, have been discovered in specific subtypes of gliomas, the most common type of primary malignant ...
    • Imaging of musculoskeletal bacterial infections by [124I]FIAU-PET/CT. 

      Diaz, Luis A; Foss, Catherine A; Thornton, Katherine; Nimmagadda, Sridhar; Endres, Christopher J; Uzuner, Ovsev; Seyler, Thorsten M; ... (20 authors) (PLoS One, 2007-10-10)
      BACKGROUND: Traditional imaging techniques for the localization and monitoring of bacterial infections, although reasonably sensitive, suffer from a lack of specificity. This is particularly true for musculoskeletal infections. ...
    • Microarray-Based Phospho-Proteomic Profiling of Complex Biological Systems. 

      Goodwin, C Rory; Woodard, Crystal L; Zhou, Xin; Pan, Jianbo; Olivi, Alessandro; Xia, Shuli; Bettegowda, Chetan; ... (11 authors) (Transl Oncol, 2016-04)
      Protein microarray technology has been successfully used for identifying substrates of purified activated kinases. We used protein microarrays to globally interrogate the effects of PTEN and Akt activity on the phospho-kinome ...