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    • Critical Current Scaling in Long Diffusive Graphene-Based Josephson Junctions. 

      Ke, Chung Ting; Borzenets, Ivan V; Draelos, Anne W; Amet, Francois; Bomze, Yuriy; Jones, Gareth; Craciun, Monica; ... (11 authors) (Nano letters, 2016-08)
      We present transport measurements on long, diffusive, graphene-based Josephson junctions. Several junctions are made on a single-domain crystal of CVD graphene and feature the same contact width of ∼9 μm but vary in length ...
    • Switching currents limited by single phase slips in one-dimensional superconducting Al nanowires. 

      Li, Peng; Wu, Phillip M; Bomze, Yuriy; Borzenets, Ivan V; Finkelstein, Gleb; Chang, AM (Physical review letters, 2011-09-21)
      An aluminum nanowire switches from superconducting to normal as the current is increased in an upsweep. The switching current (I(s)) averaged over upsweeps approximately follows the depairing critical current (I(c)) but ...