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    • Functional imaging of numerical processing in adults and 4-y-old children. 

      Cantlon, Jessica F; Brannon, Elizabeth M; Carter, Elizabeth J; Pelphrey, Kevin A (PLoS biology, 2006-05-01)
      Adult humans, infants, pre-school children, and non-human animals appear to share a system of approximate numerical processing for non-symbolic stimuli such as arrays of dots or sequences of tones. Behavioral studies of ...
    • How does cognition evolve? Phylogenetic comparative psychology. 

      MacLean, Evan L; Matthews, Luke J; Hare, Brian A; Nunn, Charles L; Anderson, Rindy C; Aureli, Filippo; Brannon, Elizabeth M; ... (21 authors) (Anim Cogn, 2012-03)
      Now more than ever animal studies have the potential to test hypotheses regarding how cognition evolves. Comparative psychologists have developed new techniques to probe the cognitive mechanisms underlying animal behavior, ...
    • Inter-Parietal White Matter Development Predicts Numerical Performance in Young Children. 

      Cantlon, Jessica F; Davis, Simon W; Libertus, Melissa E; Kahane, Jill; Brannon, Elizabeth M; Pelphrey, Kevin A (Learn Individ Differ, 2011-12)
      In an effort to understand the role of interhemispheric transfer in numerical development, we investigated the relationship between children's developing knowledge of numbers and the integrity of their white matter connections ...