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    • A hybrid ion-atom trap with integrated high resolution mass spectrometer 

      Jyothi, S; Egodapitiya, KN; Bondurant, B; Jia, Z; Pretzsch, E; Chiappina, P; Shu, G; ... (8 authors) (Review of Scientific Instruments, 2019-10-01)
      © 2019 Author(s). In this article, we describe the design, construction, and implementation of our ion-atom hybrid system incorporating a high resolution time of flight mass spectrometer (TOFMS). Potassium atoms (39K) in ...
    • Error compensation of single-qubit gates in a surface-electrode ion trap using composite pulses 

      Mount, E; Kabytayev, C; Crain, S; Harper, R; Baek, SY; Vrijsen, G; Flammia, ST; ... (10 authors) (Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, 2015-12-16)
      © 2015 American Physical Society.The fidelity of laser-driven quantum logic operations on trapped ion qubits tend to be lower than microwave-driven logic operations due to the difficulty of stabilizing the driving fields ...