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    • An age-structured extension to the vectorial capacity model. 

      Carey, JR; Ellis, AM; Michalski, AI; Novoseltsev, VN; Novoseltseva, JA; Yashin, Anatoli I (PLoS One, 2012)
      BACKGROUND: Vectorial capacity and the basic reproductive number (R(0)) have been instrumental in structuring thinking about vector-borne pathogen transmission and how best to prevent the diseases they cause. One of the ...
    • Diet Shapes Mortality Response to Trauma in Old Tephritid Fruit Flies. 

      Carey, JR; Liedo, P; Xu, C; Wang, J-L; Müller, H-G; Su, Y-R; Vaupel, James Walton (PLoS One, 2016)
      Despite the importance of trauma in healthspan and lifespan in humans as well as in non-human species, with one important exception the literature in both gerontology and ecology contains virtually no experimental demographic ...