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    • A cross-sectional examination of response inhibition and working memory on the Stroop task 

      Dodge, Kenneth; Lansford, Jennifer; Duell, N; Icenogle, G; Silva, K; Chein, J; Steinberg, L; ... (22 authors) (Cognitive Development, 2018-07-01)
      © 2018 Elsevier Inc. The authors examined the association between working memory and response inhibition on the Stroop task using a cross-sectional, international sample of 5099 individuals (49.3% male) ages 10–30 (M = 117.04 ...
    • Age Patterns in Risk Taking Across the World. 

      Duell, N; Steinberg, L; Icenogle, G; Chein, J; Chaudhary, N; Di Giunta, L; Dodge, Kenneth A.; ... (20 authors) (J Youth Adolesc, 2017-10-19)
      Epidemiological data indicate that risk behaviors are among the leading causes of adolescent morbidity and mortality worldwide. Consistent with this, laboratory-based studies of age differences in risk behavior allude too ...
    • Around the world, adolescence is a time of heightened sensation seeking and immature self-regulation. 

      Steinberg, L; Icenogle, G; Shulman, EP; Breiner, K; Chein, J; Bacchini, D; Chang, L; ... (22 authors) (Dev Sci, 2017-02-01)
      The dual systems model of adolescent risk-taking portrays the period as one characterized by a combination of heightened sensation seeking and still-maturing self-regulation, but most tests of this model have been conduccted ...