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    • Cellular Responses to Lactic Acidosis in Human Cancers 

      Chen, Julia Ling-Yu (2010)
      The physiology of the tumor microenvironment is characterized by lower oxygen (hypoxia), higher lactate, extracellular acidosis and glucose starvation. We examined the global, transcriptional cellular responses to each of ...
    • Lactic acidosis triggers starvation response with paradoxical induction of TXNIP through MondoA. 

      Chen, Julia Ling-Yu; Merl, Daniel; Peterson, Christopher W; Wu, Jianli; Liu, Patrick Yantyng; Yin, Hanwei; Muoio, Deborah M; ... (10 authors) (PLoS Genet, 2010-09-02)
      Although lactic acidosis is a prominent feature of solid tumors, we still have limited understanding of the mechanisms by which lactic acidosis influences metabolic phenotypes of cancer cells. We compared global transcriptional ...