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    • Conformational changes of FtsZ reported by tryptophan mutants. 

      Chen, Yaodong; Erickson, Harold Paul (Biochemistry, 2011-05-03)
      E. coli FtsZ has no native tryptophan. We showed previously that the mutant FtsZ L68W gave a 2.5-fold increase in trp fluorescence when assembly was induced by GTP. L68 is probably buried in the protofilament interface upon ...
    • SulA inhibits assembly of FtsZ by a simple sequestration mechanism. 

      Chen, Yaodong; Erickson, Harold Paul; Milam, Sara L (Biochemistry, 2012-04)
      We have investigated the inhibition by SulA of the assembly of Escherichia coli FtsZ. Using quantitative GTPase and fluorescence assays, we found that SulA inhibition resulted in an increase in the apparent critical concentration ...
    • The cell division protein MinD from Pseudomonas aeruginosa dominates the assembly of the MinC-MinD copolymers. 

      Bian, Li; Chen, Yaodong; Erickson, Harold Paul; Huang, Haiyan; Osawa, Masaki; Wang, Ping (The Journal of biological chemistry, 2018-04-02)
      Cell division of rod-shaped bacteria requires the Z ring, a ring of FtsZ filaments associated with the inner-membrane wall. The MinCDE proteins help localize the Z ring to the center of the Escherichia coli cell. MinC, which ...