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    • Co-evolution of a broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibody and founder virus. 

      Liao, Hua-Xin; Lynch, Rebecca; Zhou, Tongqing; Gao, Feng; Alam, S Munir; Boyd, Scott D; Fire, Andrew Z; ... (45 authors) (Nature, 2013-04-25)
      Current human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) vaccines elicit strain-specific neutralizing antibodies. However, cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies arise in approximately 20% of HIV-1-infected individuals, and details ...
    • Development of a contemporary globally diverse HIV viral panel by the EQAPOL program. 

      Sanchez, Ana M; DeMarco, C Todd; Hora, Bhavna; Keinonen, Sarah; Chen, Yue; Brinkley, Christie; Stone, Mars; ... (13 authors) (J Immunol Methods, 2014-07)
      The significant diversity among HIV-1 variants poses serious challenges for vaccine development and for developing sensitive assays for screening, surveillance, diagnosis, and clinical management. Recognizing a need to develop ...
    • Fast Dissemination of New HIV-1 CRF02/A1 Recombinants in Pakistan. 

      Chen, Yue; Hora, Bhavna; DeMarco, Todd; Shah, Sharaf Ali; Ahmed, Manzoor; Sanchez, Ana M; Su, Chang; ... (14 authors) (PLoS One, 2016)
      A number of HIV-1 subtypes are identified in Pakistan by characterization of partial viral gene sequences. Little is known whether new recombinants are generated and how they disseminate since whole genome sequences for ...
    • Genetic Characterization of a Panel of Diverse HIV-1 Isolates at Seven International Sites. 

      Hora, Bhavna; Keating, Sheila M; Chen, Yue; Sanchez, Ana M; Sabino, Ester; Hunt, Gillian; Ledwaba, Johanna; ... (21 authors) (PLoS One, 2016)
      HIV-1 subtypes and drug resistance are routinely tested by many international surveillance groups. However, results from different sites often vary. A systematic comparison of results from multiple sites is needed to determine ...
    • HIV-1 subtype C is significantly more infectious than other subtypes 

      Demarco, Todd; Rountree, Wes; Hora, Bhavna; Chen, Yue; Keinonen, Sarah; Racz, Laura; Daniell, Lily; ... (12 authors) (JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL AIDS SOCIETY, 2015-07)
    • Increased predominance of HIV-1 CRF01_AE and its recombinants in the Philippines. 

      Chen, Yue; Hora, Bhavna; DeMarco, Todd; Berba, Regina; Register, Heidi; Hood, Sylvia; Carter, Meredith; ... (13 authors) (The Journal of general virology, 2019-01-24)
      The growth rate of new HIV infections in the Philippines was the fastest of any countries in the Asia-Pacific region between 2010 and 2016. To date, HIV-1 subtyping results in the Philippines have been determined ...
    • Streamlined Subpopulation, Subtype, and Recombination Analysis of HIV-1 Half-Genome Sequences Generated by High-Throughput Sequencing. 

      Hora, Bhavna; Gulzar, Naila; Chen, Yue; Karagiannis, Konstantinos; Cai, Fangping; Su, Chang; Smith, Krista; ... (16 authors) (mSphere, 2020-10-14)
      High-throughput sequencing (HTS) has been widely used to characterize HIV-1 genome sequences. There are no algorithms currently that can directly determine genotype and quasispecies population using short HTS reads generated ...