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    • How cells determine the number of polarity sites. 

      Chiou, Jian-Geng; Moran, Kyle D; Lew, Daniel J (eLife, 2021-04-26)
      The diversity of cell morphologies arises, in part, through regulation of cell polarity by Rho-family GTPases. A poorly understood but fundamental question concerns the regulatory mechanisms by which different cells generate ...
    • Principles that govern competition or co-existence in Rho-GTPase driven polarization. 

      Chiou, Jian-Geng; Ramirez, Samuel A; Elston, Timothy C; Witelski, Thomas P; Schaeffer, David G; Lew, Daniel J (PLoS computational biology, 2018-04-12)
      Rho-GTPases are master regulators of polarity establishment and cell morphology. Positive feedback enables concentration of Rho-GTPases into clusters at the cell cortex, from where they regulate the cytoskeleton. Different ...