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    • Express averaging saccades in monkeys. 

      Chou, IH; Sommer, MA; Schiller, PH (Vision Res, 1999)
      When monkeys are presented simultaneously with multiple stimuli, they can make one of two types of response. Either they make averaging saccades, that land at intermediate locations between the targets, or target-directed ...
    • Eye fields in the frontal lobes of primates. 

      Tehovnik, EJ; Sommer, MA; Chou, IH; Slocum, WM; Schiller, PH (Brain Res Brain Res Rev, 2000-04)
      Two eye fields have been identified in the frontal lobes of primates: one is situated dorsomedially within the frontal cortex and will be referred to as the eye field within the dorsomedial frontal cortex (DMFC); the other ...