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    • Evaluation of Allostatic Load as a Mediator of Sleep and Kidney Outcomes in Black Americans. 

      Scialla, Julia; Lunyera, Joseph; Bhavsar, Nrupen; Stanifer, John; Pendergast, Jane; Boulware, Ebony; Diamantidis, Clarissa; ... (13 authors) (Kidney international reports, 2019-03)
      Introduction:Poor sleep associates with adverse chronic kidney disease (CKD) outcomes yet the biological mechanisms underlying this relation remain unclear. One proposed mechanism is via allostatic load, a cumulative biologic ...
    • Low use of routine medical care among African Americans with high CKD risk: the Jackson Heart Study. 

      Diamantidis, Clarissa; Scialla, Julia; Hall, Rasheeda; Boulware, Ebony; Lunyera, Joseph; Bhavsar, Nrupen; Tyson, Crystal; ... (11 authors) (BMC nephrology, 2019-01-10)
      BACKGROUND:Use of routine medical care (RMC) is advocated to address ethnic/racial disparities in chronic kidney disease (CKD) risks, but use is less frequent among African Americans. Factors associated with low RMC use ...