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    • Autobiographical memory for stressful events: the role of autobiographical memory in posttraumatic stress disorder. 

      Rubin, David C; Dennis, Michelle F; Beckham, Jean C (Conscious Cogn, 2011-09)
      To provide the three-way comparisons needed to test existing theories, we compared (1) most-stressful memories to other memories and (2) involuntary to voluntary memories (3) in 75 community dwelling adults with and 42 without ...
    • The genetic architecture of the human cerebral cortex. 

      Grasby, Katrina L; Jahanshad, Neda; Painter, Jodie N; Colodro-Conde, Lucía; Bralten, Janita; Hibar, Derrek P; Lind, Penelope A; ... (367 authors) (Science (New York, N.Y.), 2020-03)
      The cerebral cortex underlies our complex cognitive capabilities, yet little is known about the specific genetic loci that influence human cortical structure. To identify genetic variants that affect cortical structure, ...